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Now that the Singularity University Germany Summit is near, taking place on April 21-22, 2016 in Berlin, it is time too get a basic overview about the general concept of Singularity University.

Right now, and for the first time ever, a passionate and committed individual has access to the technology, minds, and capital required to take on any challenge.
— Peter H. Diamandis, Bold: How to Go Big, Create Wealth and Impact the World

Singularity University co-founder Peter Diamandis, faculty and staff introduce the aims and mission of the university. 

Singularity University (SU) is a benefit corporation based on NASA’s research campus in Silicon Valley.  

The organization provides educational programs, innovative partnerships and a startup accelerator to help individuals, businesses, institutions, investors, NGOs and governments understand cutting-edge technologies, and how to utilize these technologies to positively impact billions of people. SU was founded by Peter Diamandis and Ray Kurzweil in 2008, and since then, has empowered individuals from more than 85 countries to apply exponentially growing technologies, such as biotechnology, artificial intelligence and neuroscience, to address humanity’s grand challenges: education, energy, environment, food, health, poverty, security, space and water. In just six years, SU’s alumni, partners and members have generated more than 100 startups, and numerous patents and ideas to help advance this mission. SU’s Founding Corporate Partners include Genentech, Autodesk, Cisco, ePlanet Ventures, Google, Kauffman Foundation and Nokia.

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Overview about the Singularity University Germany Summit 2016:

On April 20-21, 2016, Singularity University, the most innovative and forward-looking institution, has chosen to host their SingularityU Germany Summit in Berlin-one of the most vibrant cities in the world. SingularityU Germany Summit is a local Chapter and community organization of Singularity University.

Leading figures from the global high-tech industry will come to Berlin for two days to present new trends and developments in the fields of mobility, artificial intelligence, computing, and robotics, with the goal of inspiring and empowering German leaders and influencers to apply these technologies to solve today’s biggest global challenges, such as environmental change and global health.

“Germany is a highly-innovative leader in technological and social achievement that delivers impact and positive change – a perfect host country for a SingularityU Summit,” said Rob Nail, Singularity University CEO & Associate Founder. “Berlin represents progress and constant change like no other city in Germany,” explained Burkard Kieker, CEO of visitBerlin. “Therefore, Berlin offers an effective platform to launch the SingularityU Germany Summit. Besides being a strong source of inspiration and new ideas, the city offers an influential network of creative pioneers and entrepreneurs.” 500 attendees from across Europe are expected to attend the event. They will explore such questions as: How can technological progress be transformed into a tangible, positive growth for any given industry? What are the responsibilities that global leaders must undertake to solve the biggest challenges of our time? To help answer these crucial questions, the conference program of the SingularityU Germany Summit brings a broad range of internationally renowned speakers to Berlin, including:

Rob Nail, Associate Founder & CEO Singularity University

Kathryn Myronuk, Chair, Synthesis & Convergence; Chair Emeritus, Finance & Economics, Singularity University

Neil Jacobstein, Co-Chair, Artificial Intelligence & Robotics, Singularity University

David Roberts, Chairman, HaloDrop; Singularity University Faculty on Disruptive Innovation

Andre Wegner, CEO Authentise, Co-Founder Authentise Services

Stephan Balzer, Singularity University Berlin Chapter Ambassador and organizer of the SingularityU Germany Summit said, “There is no comparable institution within Europe which focuses on the impact of technology on society and the global economy like SU. Therefore, I am proud that this first-ever SingularityU Germany Summit offers Germany’s top leaders the opportunity to discuss and shape our joint future.”

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